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The Nostalgia Machine takes you back to the music of your youth

The Nostalgia Machine takes you back to the music of your youth


It's easy to get sucked into a nostalgic listening session, but tracking down the songs of your youth can be tougher than you think -- and "best of" medleys on YouTube will only do so much to scratch the itch. Don't worry, though, as The Nostalgia Machine has come to save the day. Pick a year and you'll see an easy-to-digest list of pop music videos that might just remind you of your high school prom or that big college party. It's definitely not an authoritative source -- what, no New Radicals? -- but it also covers a few artists that you might not remember until you hear them again, like Mark Morrison or Sonique. Give the Machine a spin the next time you're eager to revisit the zeitgeist of years gone by.

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Now I gotta listen to that New Radicals song.

I didn't recognize this song, or the artists name, until I heard it.

Interesting fact about this artist: 

In 1985, Egan was a four time champion on the game show Catch Phrase, In 1986, Egan appeared as a contestant on the television game show Scrabble.[3] During his introduction segment, Egan identified himself as a singer and songwriter. Chuck Woolery asked him if we would know any of his songs, at which point he sang the main hook from "Magnet and Steel". Egan was not the champion that day.

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