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ImagineK12 Summer 2012 debutants | EdSurge News

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Before the "lean start up methodology" made beta testing de rigeur, companies would perform  “pilots”  with little to no feedback from the front lines. This strategy of ignorance often led to the development of technology that made educators less efficient.

As a teacher and one allowed into the inner sanctum of ImagineK12, I can tell you that today’s entrepreneurs are different. They care about listening to teachers and acting on insightful, productive feedback. They know that it’s not enough to be a respectful and good listener; these entrepreneurs have learned to let teachers know when they act on the feedback they’ve received.

Deeply aware of this new paradigm, I used my time on stage to tell educators and administrators that we can no longer accept the historically imposed separations between us and the field of edtech as inevitable. It’s not our differences that immobilize us, but silence. Therefore, I feel its my responsibility as T.I.R., to call on every educator and administrator to break that silence.

The companies participating in Imagine K12's program are building a diversity of tools to support the work of teachers and administrators. Those in private beta are looking for feedback. If you like what you read then click the links and sign up to shape the development of these bad @ss betas!

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