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‘Snowpiercer’ Hits $3.8 Million on VOD as Weinstein Co. Shakes Up Distribution

Snowpiercer Hits 3 8 Million on VOD as Weinstein Co Shakes Up Distribution Variety


The studio’s Radius-TWC label unveiled “Snowpiercer” on-demand, with Bong Joon-ho’s film still in theaters. The picture has racked up an impressive $3.8 million over its first three weeks on VOD, while pulling in a respectable $3.9 million over five weeks of in theaters. It’s expected to become the company’s highest-grossing VOD release.

And while there are questions as to whether it could have minted more coin with a bigger theatrical play, the quirky sci-fi pic might have been tough to market to a mass audience.

“Some people used to view VOD and multiplatform releasing as a dumping ground for movies a studio doesn’t believe in theatrically,” said Tom Quinn, Radius-TWC co-president. “We believe in these movies as theatrical propositions, but the reality is, people can’t always get a baby-sitter, or they’re too busy to leave their homes.”

Last week, the company went a step further, announcing it would premiere British comedy “One Chance” on Yahoo for free, 10 days prior to theatrical release. The unprecedented step would have been taken only for a film judged to have minor theatrical potential, but it’s a significant experiment.

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