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Can you fail a drug test because of secondhand marijuana smoke?

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Josh Gordon claims it was some other dude smoking the weed... and it might not be all BS! SCIENCE has the answers.

The NFL has a ridiculously low threshold for marijuana testing (but not domestic violence, surprisingly enough). The Shield's threshold STARTS at 15 nanograms per milliliter. WADA, whose standard is used by the Olympics and other international sports organizations, sets its level at 150 ng/mL. The U.S. military's threshold is 50 ng/mL.

One problem with drug testing for marijuana is the wide variety of variables, ranging from the potency of the weed to the level of use by the testing subject.

The likelihood of testing positive for THC from secondhand smoke is slim. Message boards around the Internet agree that you'd have to be in a small, unventilated space with lots of smoke, a clambake if you will, to have enough THC in your system to flunk a test.

I wish I could witness Josh Gordon explaining the concept of "hot boxing" to the Commish.

All joking aside, Gordon probably really doesn't deserve this suspension:

I agree with you. Gordon doesn't deserve to be suspended a whole season, especially since it seems like there's reasonable doubt that he even committed the violation.

I'm much more outraged by the NFL's permissive stance on domestic violence. 

Of course the NFL knows we're going to watch even though we disagree with them on both of these issues. Josh Gordon has a good lawyer (Richard Sherman's lawyer!) and he's taking his rehab seriously. 

Bad NFL!

The latest Josh Gordon news is interesting and a little disheartening in terms of the NFL's odd drug policies. Pro Football Talk got ahold of Gordon's drug testing results which show he passed 70 tests and barely failed one. Now we can all laugh at the “barely” failed, but the facts are that the NFL’s threshold for failing a drug test is much higher than Major League Baseball, the Olympics, and even the federal government. Gordon is saying the fact that out of his two samples, one tested positive and the other negative, shows the test was flawed or at the very least caused by secondhand smoke since the amount found was so very low that I could get a job driving gradeschoolers around with the same amount in my blood. I have no idea if this defense will work, but it does have an air of believability.

I don't believe the NBA tests for treez.  Why should the NFL?