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The Truth About Studying Your Playbook in NFL Training Camp

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I was always skeptical that most football players could learn from playbooks -- pretty sure they are mostly kinetic learners, which means "muscle memory" is key -- and this former player gives us some realtalk about why they barely crack the playbook in their spare time.

No wonder Trent Richardson has so much trouble learning his playbook!

It’s difficult to explain, but every play has an endless amount of variables, checks, rules and subrules to remember—not to mention one has to implement proper technique all while trying to make split-second decisions in a high-pressure environment.

Visualizing the field, the reactions, the movement of the players and dedicating it all to muscle memory is why about 75 percent of a system is learned on the field at practice. Of the remaining 25 percent, maybe 5 percent of that system install is actually learned through reading a playbook on your own time.

For those reading this thinking I’m just an idiot with a learning disability, let me just say that at the scouting combine, I had the highest Wonderlic score of any defensive player that year.

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