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Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium

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  1. 5. Most people never ask for what they want. A lot of good happens if you ask for what you want. First of all, you’ll be forced to define what you want. Second, you’ll be forced to think about how you might get it. The third step, is the easiest and the least utilised. Just ask.

You must know the goal before you start working toward it.

25. Get outside.

You’re a collection of atoms, in a poorly understood universe that’s probably infinite. Go look at a tree, or think about a cloud or a star. Whatever you’re going through is probably pretty insignificant in the context of all of that.

4. You end up being the average of the people you spend your life with.

You become a reflection of your environment, particuarly your social one. Choose your people wisely. Don’t hesitate to move or change if you know things aren’t right.

1. Remember you will die. 

Maybe even today. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget to be thankful for your health. For the ability to walk. For the time you get to spend with the person you love. For your siblings. For whatever it is that you have today. It’s not yours, it can be stolen away at any moment. So while you have it on loan, cherish it.

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