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Burning Man 2014 requires drone registration

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For the first time there will be drone safety officers enforcing drone regulations.

:)  Will there be drone safety officer uniforms?

Well....yeah.  There's only so many flight frequencies.  Duh.  Some idiot showing up and turning on his remote could crash a flying drone into a crowd of people and kill them.  

This is Burning Man, it's full of idiots. But I actually think the real issue is personal privacy... people tend to be more worried about it when they plan to be naked and on drugs. OR SO I HEAR

There are a lot of new rules for 2014...

...but yeah, Burners don't seem to give a flip about drones filming their naked, drugged out selves.

One of I think at least a few drone films of Burning Man

This is from last year so Burners are now used to drones filming them?

Maybe not use to it, but definitely aware of it, and sounds like it had some issues, for some at least.

Not just aware of it but actively inviting and inciting it!

This is a beautiful film

That one's gorgeous.

Another ( I think distinct) 2013 drone film, sure were a lot, guess that's why they are making some rules about therm ;)

2013 was the first year with drone rules:

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