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Ads are the new face of virtual reality

Ads are the new face of virtual reality The Verge


The Oculus Rift has put me through a lot. I’ve skydived, been beheaded, flown spacecraft, slid in gondolas past giant floating heads. I want to try everything. Until my development kit comes next month, and probably even after that, the best place to do so is at promotional events. The Oculus Rift hasn’t entirely replaced the specially built video rooms and funhouse contraptions that convention exhibitors bring to advertise their wares, but headsets can do the same thing for cheaper — shut out a busy showroom and put visitors into the world of a film or TV show. There were at least four such demos at Comic-Con, and more have shown up at film festivals and other conventions. Excitement is high, especially as we tick forwards towards the Rift’s eventual consumer release. Right now, though, all most people will get is limited, middle-of-the-road virtual reality, no matter what it’s advertising or how cool it is the first time around.

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And now we know why Facebook wanted to buy them.

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