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The Internet of Things Can't Keep Your Data Safe

The Internet of Things Can t Keep Your Data Safe Motherboard


 new research study from HP shows the extent to which we're not really prepared for the security risks of allowing these technologies into our smart homes.

The report found that the top 10 most popular IoT items were plagued with security problems, with an average of 25 vulnerabilities each. HP didn't name the specific brands or models examined in the study, but it did release a list of the types of gear tested, which included a home alarm, a webcam, and a door lock.

While hacking into the controls of these devices might not seem like a big deal (though someone hacking into your door lock could be quite a problem), HP additionally found that nine out of the 10 items tested retained some sort of personal information about their user. Some of the objects don't even seem to have an intuitive use for such data; although we don't know which ones were in the nine out of 10, the overall list includes such seemingly banal items as a garden sprinkler, a power outlet, and a garage door opener.

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Nothing on the Internet is private. 

Therefore Internet of things is incompatible with privacy.

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