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What’s the Matter With Kansas? Nothing a Renewed War on Poverty Can't Fix, by Bill Moyers

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Anti-poverty advocates in Kansas and across the country stand with Smiley in asserting that poverty is the defining issue of our time. It threatens the very foundations of our democracy. Children who are denied an equitable, enriching education have little chance of growing into the informed, engaged citizens who must lead our country. Adults who are consumed by the need to put food on their children’s plates and keep a roof over their heads cannot engage in the information-gathering and discourse needed to sustain that democracy. And the concentration of money, and power, in the hands of such a tiny fraction of our electorate drowns out their voices.

Well said. 

Too bad there's only a small number of people in America who want to do something about poverty.

Statistically speaking, current anti-poverty programs are propagating poverty, not solving it.  So what's next? 


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