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Some of Israel’s Top Defenders Say It’s Time to End U.S. Aid

Since this latest uprising between the Israelis and the Palestinians it made me wonder what would happen if there was peace?  does either side have something to lose by settling their disagreements?  The answer I came up with: a huge amount of money.  If everything was peaceful, I don't see a reason for either side to ask their benefactors for cash.

Some of Israel's Top Defenders Say It's Time to End U.S. Aid - The Daily Beast

Israel’s economy is booming. So why is the United States still giving it $3.1 billion a year? That’s the question on the minds of some of Israel’s biggest supporters in Washington.

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Maybe agree to cut the money off on both sides unless there is peace?  I bet there is a good chance things would settle down pretty quick, if the money will dry up.

Agreed but the problem is that weapons manufacturers and contractors make so much money from the warring that they lobby to keep supplying money to both sides.

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