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Why Human Capital must fuel Digital Transformation

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With every innovation spurt comes a fresh call for Human Capital Management to stand up and secure its place at the strategic table. The emerging concept around Digital Transformation is no different.

We’ve spent the last 50 years digitizing. Transformation is now underway. As I wrote in a previous post:

“Travelocity changed how we purchase a hotel room. AirBnB is changing the very definition of a hotel room altogether. Taxi Medallions have been great investments. Until now, that is.  Uber is changing the very definition of a cab. Starbucks now deprives your bank of float altogether with its loyalty card that hangs on your money until you buy a drink. Chinese Internet commerce conglomerate Alibaba is now pointing its 230 million active users at its newly minted Mutual Fund business.”

Unlike the late 90s era dot com days when incumbents were threatened by inefficient distribution and supply chain models, this time the very definition of the product you sell is up for grabs.

And then there’s the customer: Thanks to the social web, today’s prospect and customer is highly connected, aware of your good and not-so-good in real time, can be your biggest brand ambassador or worst nightmare in public and can be fickle now that she has a 100 other sellers standing by just one mobile app away on his smartphone.

These are the kinds of big shift ideas that are on the minds of CEOs every single day and even if the cross fires aren’t present in your industry or region, these examples serve as extremely clear proxies.  The drawing board for all of these newly created disruptors isn’t a better retail store or a cheaper factory. The drawing board for these mentioned disruptors comprises of data in an excel sheet and a code editor. This is the new battleground that the digitally savvy C-Suite is quickly becoming aware of.

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