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1 annoying app


From the intro video. 

"All you need is great technique, an experienced teacher...

But instead of that use this app

An app by definition cannot be a teacher.  

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You and the Reddit thread has it right. This app is no good.

I can't even get it to load.  It hangs my phone every time. 

Do you think it is collecting, using data etc. curious where the hook is given what I read I do not think it is the most charitable non profit. 

Finally got it to load by registering.  The instructions are generic and fine but basic relaxation in first lesson. 

They ask mood survey question and encourage journaling. 

So they are recording your data when you click the timer. 

My iPhone has a timer and note.  Why would anyone give them that info? 

Unclear that anyone is actually using it. Despite what they say. 

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