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CloudFlare Is Ready To Take On Cisco

CloudFlare Is Ready To Take On Cisco Business Insider


Business Insider: Why is your company growing so fast?

Matthew Prince: The honest answer is we don’t entirely know. We have done almost no marketing, we have a nascent sales team, but we have a large client base from Fortune 50 financial services to national governments across the world. Just this week, we added Reddit, the 17th largest site in the U.S. If we added up all the page views of our customers’ sites, then we would have over 400 billion page views a month.

BI: What's drawing people to your service?

MP: We made resources that were previously only used by big companies like Google available to everyone online. The initial interest in CloudFlare is for security, but that’s only for about 25% of our customers. Another 25% want to get more out of their infrastructure, and the rest of our users sign up because they want access to our analytics and other ancillary services.

BI: For those who don’t fully understand your service, what’s a good comparison?

MP: If you asked, “What company are you disrupting?” and if you made me just pick one, I think it would be Cisco. If you look at the entire Cisco line – routing and switching, load balancing, security, DDoS mitigation, performance acceleration, all of these functionalities – that’s what CloudFlare is doing. But instead of selling you a box to do that, we’re providing you a service, which is extremely easy to provision and deploy. It’s the same as Amazon Web Services taking, for example, what HP used to sell you as a box and deploying it as a cloud service. 

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People sign up to Cloudflare for Analytics?!

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