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JIBO, The World's First Family Robot. | Indiegogo

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I'm having a hard time believing this will be delivered anywhere near this quality level.

I do not think quality of  technology is even the main problem. Problem with these kind of devices is that the people in the AD are adopted this so well. In reality, customer education is the biggest obstacle in introducing new technology. How many grandma's do we know, who will talk to Jibo like this? This thing is nice, but too foreign to our daily lives. We did not build neural patterns to take Jibo with us to kids parties or kitchen. That the problem with every single Microsoft product. The AD shows people making complex diagrams from the spreadsheets and embedding these in complex documents and switching between apps like pro on a tables, but how many people really do this? 

I think it's a nice try, I appreciate people pushing the envelope on this, but to make real consumer product it needs to ride the existing waves. iPhone was riding 10+ years of mass cell phone adoption.

iPad was riding mass iPhone adoption.

So there's no mass trend for robot adoption that this case ride. I believe that.

Maybe Internet of Things but that's really early.

What they should have done is an iPad app and app controlled movable stand. I bet that would be a nice MVP to test the concept.

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