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505,347,842 YouTube Channels and Everything Is On | Wired

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Entertainment Is becoming a battleground...

Sometimes there's a disconnect. Example is the Harlem Shake.

Consumers love it and advertisers want to love it but consumers do not like advertisers' versions:

YouTube might just be the greatest time sucker ever conceived.

No, that's TVTropes.

Point well taken. But still...


If you read the article you'll realize that not all content is available everywhere.

For example, you can't search for "Call Me Maybe" on a mobile device even though you CAN play it if you can find it. That's a big If.

That is some messed up logic.

Call Me Maybe Fuck Logic

haha. Occam's Razor leads me to believe that she is obviously a time-traveler. Or a Calvinist.

Side note: On an episode of HOUSE, he was playing a "Call of Duty" type game and his screen name was "Occam's chainsaw":


That is all kinds of awesome, Eric.

I just noticed: There are 500 million YouTube channels. Really?!

Ok, not really. Still:

The old YouTube you knew (and maybe loved!) is gone. It’s been replaced by something that’s a lot more like a play-anywhere, device-agnostic, multi-channel network. It’s becoming a cable network for people who don’t have cable. YouTube doesn’t want you to watch videos anymore — not in the singular sense, at least. It wants you to stick around and see what comes next. It wants you to start watching on your phone as you head home from work, pick up again on your TV as you relax in the evening, and then nod off to its content while you’re lying in bed, as it streams from your tablet.

Greatest acquisition EVER.

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