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Felicis Ventures closes new $96M fund, vows to always vote with founders in board decisions

Felicis Ventures closes new 96M fund vows to always vote with founders in board decisions VentureBeat Deals by Kia Kokalitcheva


In the spirit of its founder-centric approach, Felicis is now committing to always voting its investor shares alongside the founders in board decisions, including in merger-and-acquisition cases or during fund-raising.

“Founders are best equipped to make decisions for their companies,” said Peechu. While some angel investors have taken up that practice, Felicis is the first known institutional venture capital fund to do this, differentiating it from its peers.

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I love love LOVE how many women are in this firm.

I also like that one of the partners is not wearing shoes. That's legit.

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