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Ebola 'Secret Serum': Small Biopharma, The Army, And Big Tobacco

Ebola 'Secret Serum': Small Biopharma, The Army, And Big Tobacco - Forbes

The three-antibody mixture originated with Mapp Biopharmaceuticals, a small San Diego-based company established in 2003 and led by Larry Zeitlin, Ph.D., a Johns Hopkins-trained reproductive biologist who became an expert in “plantibodies,” antibody therapeutics produced in, and purified from, bioengineered plants.

The ZMapp three-antibody cocktail isn’t a vaccine. Instead, it provides an artifical immune response against sugar-tagged proteins on the outside of the Ebolavirus.

These three antibodies represent a clever strategy against the virus. One of the antibodies binds up a form of Ebolavirus protein that seems to be sent off by the virus as a decoy against the immune response.

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I love the word "plantibodies" -- this is an area that has a lot of potential in the future.

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