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Is a one-way journey wrong? - Blog - Mars One Community Platform

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“There are many motivations for becoming one of the first settlers on Mars, none of them insane in my opinion. These include:

  • “A noble sense of self-sacrifice, if you believe that extending human presence into the solar system will help ensure the survival of the species."
  • “A desire for the immortality that comes with fame, despite the risk to life and limb. In some sense, putting yourself at risk helps ensure your influence on the history of humanity will outlive your physical being."
  • “A desire for personal accomplishment, or overcoming a challenge, the same sort of thing that drives people to join expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest."
  • “Self-interest, including the prospect of making money as a Mars entrepreneur, or helping your family and friends back on Earth do the same."

Altruism, Fame, Ambition, and Money are the major motivations behind most human endeavors.

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