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Two board games you should play right now

Two board games you should play right now and one to watch in 2015 Polygon


RISK LEGACYEveryone knows Risk. You play it on a map of the world. You command armies that will march, like Caesar or Napoleon or Hitler, across the world and subjugate its people. The game of world domination has been around since the 1950s. Right now your mother has a copy sitting in the closet, right below an unloved copy of Monopoly.

But here's the thing. Risk takes too long. It's tedious. It's a grind.

Risk is dead. The new kid in town is Risk Legacy.

Legacy is unlike any other board game around. It is a new kind of animal, one that evolves over time. Instead of blue armies and yellow armies, the game has six distinct factions that will gain powers as well as a kind of personality as the game progresses.

The game board itself retains a kind of history. You will scar the land and make it your own.

Legacy is an experience. Opening the box you'll find envelopes that conceal additional cards and dividers that hide extra tokens. The rule book itself has blank sections, intended to be filled with new rules that are added to the game as you play.

Over the course of more than a dozen play sessions the game will blossom for you, becoming more complex as time goes on.RETAINS A KIND OF HISTORY. YOU WILL SCAR THE LAND AND MAKE IT YOURWN

But out of the box? You're looking at about a 30-to-45 minute experience. It's light. It's quick. It's instantly familiar to anyone who's ever played a board game as a child.

But it's something richer. It's addictive.

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