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Which NFL Teams Do Fans Not Want To Watch In Person?

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Going to an NFL game is an investment, just as much in time and misery as it is in cash. So who in god's name would go watch the Jaguars? Not many, it turns out.

Below is a chart that shows how teams have affected the secondary ticket prices for games this coming season, via Vivid Seats. The data come from VS's market, but competition in the secondary ticket markets keeps these things more or less in line with each other.

The top of the chart is obvious enough—historically popular teams with national fanbases like the Packers, 49ers, Cowboys, and Steelers are always going to do well, unless they're terrible. Other teams like the Broncos got a boost, presumably for their last chance to see Peyton Manning float ducks out of his butt nine yards down the field.

Which NFL Teams Do Fans Not Want To Watch In Person?

The bottom of the chart is hilarious, too. The Cardinals won 10 games last year, but are nearly as disastrous at the gate as the Jags, who are obviously the worst. Enough people are willing to break quarantine on the Bucs to move them to third worst. Somehow, the Texans, the worst team of them all, were near the middle of the pack, in 19th place. But how the hell does that happen? Texas, basically.

Which NFL Teams Do Fans Not Want To Watch In Person?

See, the Texans are not good, and even Clowney and Watt aren't enough to make anyone think different. But even a terrible Texans team and a middling Cowboys team (which will, for whatever it's worth, at least feature a tremendous offensive line vs. the Texans' DEs) isn't enough to dissuade the locals from shelling out for an intrastate game.

The Cowboys have a similar effect when they head to Tennessee and St. Louis:

Which NFL Teams Do Fans Not Want To Watch In Person?

But overall, the NFC East gets boned playing the AFC South, as the Jaguars, Titans, Colts, and Texans all post big negatives when playing in the NFC East cities. (You can see all of these charts in the original post.)

Which NFL Teams Do Fans Not Want To Watch In Person?

The most expensive games of the year are pretty predictable, but Bears-Niners is a weird one to have the highest floor. The Bears have the highest average home ticket price, and travel well, and the Niners have the third-highest home rate—but like, the Seahawks have the second-highest and are a natural rival. [Commenter points out that Bears-Niners is the first regular season game in the new stadium.]

While we're at it, here's how every team does at its home gate:

NFL Home Team 2014 Ticket Prices

Average Ticket Prices

1) Chicago ($428)

2) Seattle ($405)

3) San Francisco ($377)

4) New England ($376)

5) Denver ($337)

6) New York Giants ($275)

7) Dallas ($274)

8) Green Bay ($268)

9) New Orleans ($256)

10) Pittsburgh ($236)

11) Philadelphia ($215)

12) Houston ($213)

13) Baltimore ($199)

14) Washington ($187)

15) Carolina ($185)

16) New York Jets ($182)

17) San Diego ($181)

18) Miami ($169)

19) Atlanta ($160)

20) Tennessee ($154)

21) Arizona ($153)

T22) Indianapolis ($151)

T22) Minnesota ($151)

24) Jacksonville ($145)

25) Detroit ($144)

26) Oakland ($138)

27) Tampa Bay ($134)

28) Cincinnati ($132)

T29) Cleveland ($130)

T29) Kansas City ($130)

31) St. Louis ($126)

32) Buffalo ($123)

Below, we've republished (with permission) Vivid's full report on how visiting teams affected the gates.

Wouldn't you rather see your home team kick Jaguar butt than see your home team get destroyed by the Niners???

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