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41 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Vegetables (with Recipes!)

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Woo hoo!

A serving of vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense produce doesn't have to be consumed through a sad Tupperware's worth of wilted iceberg, or a measly carrot stick used solely as a vessel for unhealthy ranch dip. No, when treated right, vegetables can be the extraordinary main event of your meal. Amp up the volume of a carb dish by tossing in some broccoli. Or swap pasta for spiraled veggies-turned-noodles, to cut back on calories and boost the nutrition of the dish.

It takes more than a cute shape to make a good veggie side-dish. I like zucchini OK if it's been grilled or broiled to remove water -- I make zucchini "lasagna" with it -- but the idea of watery strings of zucchini in carbonara sauce makes me wince. Guess nobody let these people know that OIL and WATER do not mix gracefully.

Good to know.  I'm am not particularly skilled in the culinary arena, so now I know to avoid that recipe!

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