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Where Orchestra is Headed - Blog

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So that's the good news. But as we analyzed how people used Orchestra, we discovered two challenging facts. First, most people (even the very excited ones) stop using Orchestra over time, in a pattern similar to other to-do lists. And second, no matter how much people use the app, almost everyone still has tasks trapped in their email. At best what you get is a two-tool world: two systems that you have to stay on top of, with one of them (Orchestra) getting used less and less over time.


Two fascinating statements. Both made me smile.

Why? It point to every to-do list system breaking down. That's bad.

It's a pretty humble admission. And I agree, using email is just an easier way to manage tasks and to-dos. I think sparrow does a great job of this, because of its Gmail label integration. Apple mail does not.

Do you think Google will keep Spartow running or merge it into Gmail only?

Keep it running for a couple years, but no updates. They can remove from app store but that doesn't affect current users.

Too bad. Sparrow really could have changed the world.

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