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Nascar Star Tony Stewart Kills Driver During Confrontation on Racetrack

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This never happens, right?

I've never heard of anyone getting out of their car on a track during a race, unless it's an accident, and they are trying to get off the track, a very dangerous place for a pedestrian :(

Yeah, the more I think about it the crazier it seems!

that looked a lot like cold blooded murder to me.

I guess it is a lot more common, than I thought for drivers to get out of their cars, and berate another driver, Stewart himself did this quite a bit.

They need a new race rule:  Stay in your car, unless you need to exit it due to an accident/breakdown, in that case, you must leave the track in a fast manner with no interaction with others, or penalties will come into play.

It does look like murder -- but as Geege points out, it's hard to ascertain intent. 

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