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#Love: Crossing The Read Line | TechCrunch

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The thing about Read Receipts that puts them on a slightly different level from some of the other games we play is that it is an unusual kind of confirmation. When you screen a call, or don’t respond to a text message (with Read Receipts off), the other person can imagine all kinds of situations in which you might not be able to respond. It hurts, but it’s an indefinite kind of pain with a variety of explanations and excuses that could remedy the situation instantly.

Read Receipts don’t leave much room for a comforting imagination.

So if you’re crossing the Read line, using those little Bastards for productivity or protection or convenience, be aware of the weight they bear. We’ve never had such an effortless way to make people feel ignored, and with an abundance of screens slowly sucking away the empathy we feel for one another, it’s worth remembering that.


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