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Do you Have 50 Dollars? Join a service that helps you talk to people about how you have $50.

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// is a different kind of social platform.

We're building a real-time social service where users who have $50 and developers who have $100 come get to tell people that they have $50 or $100, respectively.

Our team has spent the last 9 years building social synergy, developing paradigms, talking on our mobile phones and more.

We believe that non-$50-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably and concordantly at odds with the interests of users and developers ergo something must be done vis a vis us.

Help us create the service we all wish cost $50.

This parody would have been funnier if it came out while was crowdfunding, but I guess the goal was to mock Dalton, not hurt him.

I do wonder if crowdfunding is one of those ideas we'll look back on and wonder what we were thinking, I've funded several Kickstarter projects that still haven't delivered nor at this point do I expect them to.

Yeah I think the guy does a good job of balancing satire without attacking Dalton, personally. After all, Dalton represents a team working on

Interesting question. Maybe kickstarter can be considered like angel investing at a smaller/venture scale; 1/3 fail, 1/3 OK, 1/3 better than average. What's the earliest you've backed a project, if you don't mind me asking?

There is a wide variety of projects though. users are already getting value on their money spent, especially developers. A musician to release an album -- seems like more of a sure bet than say, Ouya or Pebble watch. There is just a wide spectrum of deliver ability and plausibility for some of the kickstarter projects.

Kickstarter is also a demonstration, that psychologically, easier to generate momentum and interest before you release an ambitious product than in the early stages.

I never jump in at the first half of a Kickstarter project. I usually come in near the end, more so if the project hasn't hit its target yet.

Momentum before creation is weird because it's followed by the disappointment of waiting for development. It's the opposite of instant gratification.

I guess time will tell...

Isn't Fifty Dollars how much the woman needs to get paid to make Tone Loc holler in "Wild Thing"?

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