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Louis CK and Robin Williams were friends.

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From Louie season 3 episode 6, at 1:28...

Warning: This scene hits you with feels of sadness.

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“Goodbye pal. Thanks for everything,” Louis CK wrote on Twitter.

He also tweeted a link to comedian Rob Delaney’s Tumblr page about dealing with depression and getting help for it.

“The sole reason I’ve written this is so that someone who is depressed or knows someone who is depressed might see it. While great strides have been made in mental health over the years, certain stigmas still exist. I strongly resisted medication at first. But after having been through depression and having had the wonderful good fortune to help a couple of people who’ve been through it, I will say that as hard as it is, IT CAN BE SURVIVED. And after the stabilization process, which can be and often is fucking terrifying, a HAPPY PRODUCTIVE LIFE is possible and statistically likely. Get help. Don’t think. Get help,” he wrote on his Tumblr, dated 2010.


  • "Oh, phew"
  • "Hey man it was nice to meet you"
  • "Same"
  • "See ya"
  • "Hey would you do me a favor.. and y'kn..."
  • "Oh I'll go to yours"
  • "Oh yeah"
  • "Will you..?"
  • "Whoever dies first."
  • "Okay good"
  • "Take care man"
  • "See ya, take care"

Context (fiction) Louie and Robin have a "friend" that dies and they both go to visit his grave/funeral, even though they both hated him. Then they find out people at the strip club he hung out with loved him. And then this scene occurs where they agree to go to eachothers' funeral, or obviously the one that dies first since they both can't.


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Louis CK Robin Williams gfycat:

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