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Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Source: YouTube Video

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If this is really the best use of The Internet, then I'm disappointed.

What a waste of water. Not everyone in the world has clean plentiful water.

Given the collective wealth of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, you'd think they'd make a massive donation to ALS instead of doing a publicity stunt like this.

Or perhaps they believe the $30 million that has been donated to ALS is enough.

400+ Reddit comments about Bill Gates taking the ice bucket challenge:

Aaron Rodgers ice bucket challenge:

Harden called out Obama and Oprah.

Oprah called out Spielberg.

Charlie Sheen ice bucket challenge... with a twist.

2000+ Reddit comments:

Weird Al ice bucket challenge... with his wife.

weird al did it right!!  and i love whom he called out next!

Doing it while on vacation in Hawaii? Sweet. Calling out the Dalai Lama and The Pope? Priceless. 

Okay that wasn't Paul Rudd.

This is Tara Strong:

Reddit comments:

Nina Dobrev, Karina Smirnoff, McKayla Maroney, Jaime King, Taylor Swift, the USC Song Girls, and more have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge, too:

Tom Hiddleston ice bucket challenge gif:

Pedro Pascal ice bucket challenge instagram:

Foo Fighters ice bucket challenge:

There goes my hero.

Reddit comments:

Vern Troyer doesn't get that this is about ICE:

Reddit comments:

Ice Bucket Challenge Origin is unknown.

I found this while looking for the origin.

So far, this campaign has raised over $15 million for ALS research, plus we've gotten to see the likes of David BeckhamTom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. in a wet T-shirt contest. (We're all winners in that contest). So why are there people criticizing and even mocking the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Well, for starters, some people don't understand the purpose of the campaign. The ice water bath is supposed to be a punishment for not donating, not a requirement. But some of the time people are just doing the ice bucket and not donating, and then challenging other people. Which is fine, sure, because at least it's raising awareness for ALS research. But the point of this whole thing is to make people donate money. That's why Charlie Sheen just poured money on himself to represent the amount he would donate to the cause.

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Some people are doing both the donation and the crazy punishment. We call those people crazy heroes.

there are those who call this sort of campaign "slacktivism," meaning that it allows people to show support of a charity or movement without doing much of anything.

"A lot of the participants are probably spending more money on bagged ice than on ALS research," wrote Slate's Will Oremus. "As for 'raising awareness,' few of the videos I've seen contain any substantive information about the disease, why the money is needed, or how it will be used. More than anything else, the ice bucket videos feel like an exercise in raising awareness of one's own zaniness, altruism, and/or attractiveness in a wet T-shirt."

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And then there is the debate on the origin of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Apparently, the Ice Bucket Challenge started as just that: a challenge. It was a game that spread among pro athletes to either donate to their favorite charity or dump giant buckets of ice cold water all over themselves, followed by them issuing challenges to other pro athletes. And then it spread across social media and other celebs got involved. It had nothing to do with ALS research, and that is why some videos (like this one of Matt Lauer), has no mention of the disease or the foundation. It was still a fundraiser for charity, just not specific to ALS at the time.

NEWS: Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer has died after a terrible diving accident

It is reported that the ALS Association "piggy-backed" off of the original Ice Bucket Challenge and just tacked on the donation incentive. So the confusion of the origin of the campaign is leading to videos featuring people doing the Ice Bucket Challenge without talking about ALS, but that could be because they think they are taking part in a "daredevil" social media campaign, and not a charity fundraising campaign.

Critics are also wagging their tongues over whether just raising awareness is enough, and if a campaign like this one is getting the right amount of attention if people are just throwing up videos of themselves getting wet with zero mention of ALS. 

WATCH: Ben Affleck tosses Jen Garner in the pool after completing the challenge

So if you get challenged by someone on Twitter or by your Uncle Arnold's best buddy (why are you friends with him on Facebook?!), then we suggest donating to ALS research or the charity of your choice.

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