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Fun-Loving Couple at Seattle Seahawks Game gif

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Get a room, you two!

Seattle Seahawks fans were thrilled to see their Super Bowl-winning squad in preseason action last night against the San Diego Chargers. These two were more excited than anyone else and decided the game was the perfect place to celebrate pure hedonism.

Enjoy the moment, vape pen-smoking guy wearing a Richard Sherman jersey and sunglasses at night. Life will never be better for you than it is right now. Anyone saying negative things about your behavior is just jealous.

haha!  that is awesome.  i love the second paragraph you quoted!!

Life will NEVER be better for them than it is in this gif, Emily. I believe that. :)

it's probably true.  but it looks like they are the type of people to make lots of fun moments.  i love that she gets really into it the second he urges her and the expression on his face at the very end is hilarious!

Yes! They're like a funnier version of Ode on a Grecian Urn.

yes!  and more current and understandable.  we like video format now.  :)

for ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!

and thy glasses cannot fall from thy head.

great poem though.  holy smokes, what an art!

It's not easy to relate stoner Seahawks fans to Keats... but we did it!

hahaha!  yes, we did.  :)

Speaking of Keats, this is neat:

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