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5 Ways to Lead with Emotional Intelligence -- and Boost Productivity

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1. Care About People

Caring is a simple thing to do, but not always expressed or genuine in its delivery or tone.  Leaders need to balance the head and the heart.  This means that leaders can’t always be so intense about what is required from their employees.  Intensity requires proper timing and focus to build and keep momentum. As leaders, we need to show maturity along with our passion, and be more compassionate in order to balance what the job requires with the human spirit.  Employees don’t want to feel like a herd of cattle – but as people who are being appreciated for their hard work and effort.    For the most part, employees don’t need a boss that holds their hand; they just need to be reminded of what is expected of them.  If this is done with proper tact and good heartedness, people will perform.

Make the extra effort to say thank you and be consistent about it.   Take the time to mentor and / or sponsor employees who have earned the opportunity.   Show that you care about people.  This gesture is more powerful than you might think in enabling you to achieve your leadership goals and objectives.

The recognized man appeals to the head where things are easily forgotten.  The respected man captivates the heart and the heart doesn’t forget.