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A company will scan your Tumblr pictures to work out what brands you love

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What's sad is, Kerosene and a Match did this in 2009 for Myspace.   Nobody understood the value back then.  How far we've come?

It sounds like this is something Yahoo is doing to make money, and users don't seem to care.

When Yahoo bought Tumblr for more than a billion dollars, a lot of us wondered how it would ever turn a profit. After all, people sharing cat GIFs and monochrome erotica didn't seem like a very effective business model. According to Mashable, however, the social network is going to earn its keep by helping big brands like Coca Cola and Nike understand how they're perceived. That's because Tumblr is hooking up with analytics firmDitto, which will scour your pictures looking for sneakers and soft drinks in the frame. It'll then pass this data on to the companies involved for a fee, helping them to ensure the teenagers are all praising the right sort of soda at the next box social, or something.

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