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As Zynga Stumbles, All Eyes Are Now On Kixeye - Business Insider

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WH: Well, there's two categories: phone and tablet. For the phone, from a gamer's perspective, playing on such a small form-factor device is not really satisfying for the kind of games we're playing. We need a larger form factor that can accommodate the user interface. That right there is quite limiting for us. Look at it like a canvas, if you're an artist you don't want to be confined by a very small canvas.

We want to be unbound by canvas restraints. To create something that works really well and is super immersive, small form factors like  phones are just not fun to work with. Sure, you can make a lot of cool things, but it's not in our DNA to build games that limit themselves to that canvas. We are doing some tests to see how one of our games would translate to that small form factor, Backyard Monsters mobile will be launching in a little bit. depending on how that does, we might do more.

Tablets are perfect for games, it's good hardware matched with good accessibility with good user interface. I'm definitely bullish on tablets as long as consumer adoption grows. We'll probably have a tablet version of our RPG soon after it launches. For now, we're in a world of constrained resources and infinite amounts of runway, we're gonna stick with what we do best. There are far more laptop or desktop based browser systems than tablets, so we're still going after that.

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The Eames once said "design is constraints"

why not embrace the power of small enough for a pocket? Intimacy and ubiquity are powerful concepts.

Didn't stop them


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