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DEAR FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES: Here's The Truth About Your Stock Price - Business Insider

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clear and useful way to look at FB stock price.

Investors are attuned to first and second derivatives of revenue and user growth. That is what I've learned from fundraising for my own venture, and from watching even big public companies like Facebook.

The question is not "are you growing?" but are you growing at an increasing rate? And is that increasing rate at which you are growing or declining?

Fascinating, Facebook is buying back $2 billion worth of stock at $19/share.

What's fascinating is that they're doing this with money they raised by selling Facebook stock at $38/share.

What a great trick!

It's unfortunate so much time goes into talking about their stock price. Seemingly necessary, but still unfortunate.

We were young once...

That's what Wall Street wants.

It's unfamiliar territory for Zuck to have a real boss.

The public markets are a tough, tough boss.

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