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Famous Comedian Steve Martin Shares Three Insights On Success

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2. Find the right success.

Finding the “right” kind of success is a tricky thing. There is such a thing as too much success or the wrong kind of success.  And, the success you crave may come at a steep price. As you build your business, think about what you really value and make sure you’re creating something that is sustainable. Don’t be afraid to switch tracks if your heart is no longer in it.

3.   You will look back on the early days of building a business with nostalgia, so enjoy it.

Enjoy these early days before you’ve made it big. There is an innocence and a simplicity to a business when it first starts out that is almost impossible to maintain as you grow.

“I had absolutely no gifts. I could not sing or dance, and the only acting I did was really just shouting. Thankfully, perseverance is a great substitute for talent.”

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