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Thinking About Snapchat? Snap Out of It

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I conducted an experiment and changed my settings to allow anyone to send me snaps on Snapchat. Sure enough, the ads started rolling in. An ad for a fake Rolex was the tamest of the bunch. Ads for penis enlargement pills and "fine big booty girls" were gems.

If you are advertising Gorditas to stoners (or giant wind turbines to multinational corporations?), perhaps placing your brand in this crowd makes perfect sense. To the rest of us, not so much.

Snapchat is reportedly making the rounds with brands and agencies. In itsĀ pitch deck, Snapchat boldy declares to marketers, "Now it's your turn," and goes on to advise, "We recommend experimentation." Most of the examples are in entertainment -- MTV, "Girls" on HBO and the New Orleans Saints seem to fit in because they're part of popular culture -- but Snapchat boasts that "McDonalds built excitement the day before they snapped from a commercial shoot." Did they really?

No, they didn't really.

I'm increasingly of the opinion that people who use Snapchat will one day suddenly quickly abandon it.

Because Snapchat itself has trained them not to get attached.

And too much advertising and spam is annoying.

Snapchat one day will disappear itself. The only question is how long it will take.

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