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The 15 Startups Everyone Was Talking About In Silicon Valley In 2012.

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But are they talking about them on Pandawhale?

Nope. I've never even heard of half of these...

And is it me or do founders keep getting whiter?

I have heard of most of them. The spectrum is quite large if Box is still listed. Let's make 2013 the year for PW and itSo!

Really? About half are YC companies. I've heard of each of them.

The only one I dislike on that list is Klout. Although Arrington and MG seem to have changed their minds about the company, it truly does seem that it is a common sense score. I don't need Klout to tell me that Jusin Bieber or President Obama are influential on twitter. One could argue that this is a successful company being built, most only Twitter API. I imagine it will be their data, and how they repackage that data to businesses and marketers, that helps them become a successful company.

If you've ridden BART, you've heard of Kixeye... tho I had no idea of what they did until now.. lol

You thought Kixeye was a recruiting firm too, didn't you?

I can't believe the article mentions Box but not Dropbox. #wtf

And Klout is the company everyone loves to hate. To survive they'll go Rapleafy. Yucky.

Rapleafy = seedy underside of internet data...lots of those companies out there. There should be some bright spotlights shown on them so people realize that a lot of folks are making bank that way.

What's amazing is that Facebook has resisted it so far.

They have the ability and the motive but luckily they seem to reject the idea.

i had a hunch Kixeye did games but a recruiting campaign consisting of lame memes doesn't exactly entice me to dig further.. lol

Plus, it's games. If you wanted to make games you'd already be making games.

As usual, the list illustrates Yeh's Principle: Silicon Valley is a meritocracy as long as you are a Caucasian or Asian-American male in your 20s that went to Stanford.

On the plus side, I did see two women on the list, even if one was pictured carrying a chihuahua.

2/15 is pretty bad, but it beats 0/15.

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