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Khan Academy (Coursera, Udacity, And a New Hope)

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From a math teacher friend:

I think that it is a very useful tool and that it is very beneficial to students. However, I do not think that it will replace teaching or should.  For example, you watch a video and it tells you how to solve a problem.  But..... the kind of learning that elicits the deepest understanding is discovery based learning - meaning you figure it out on your own, and you do not have a video telling you what to do.  This is a very controversial topic because some say that how are students supposed to discover "new" things when they are always told what to do.  But then again students are learning from these videos.  Its a catch 22; I think that it is a good thing is moderation.

I went through both types of math "methods." 1) Learn on your own, try some problems, and come to class with questions for teacher. 2) Watch teacher in class go through the logic of the math to understand concept, go do homework to cement concepts.

I much preferred the first style which I think is more inline with Khan Academy. I think the way teachers add value is to provide the reason why the lesson you should learn/study that night is important and then to ensure all questions get answered before testing students.

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