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Adderall Has a Tech Industry Problem, by Cori Johnson

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I prefer provigil... less heart fuckery.

Do Provigil and Adderall really do the same thing?

no.... they have very different mechanism of action... adderall is a relatively simple amphetamine stimulant.

No wonder Adderall is addictive. Stimulants are addictive. 

Young people underestimate the damage that Adderall addiction can do.

The temptation to use Adderall as performance enhancement in tech is understandable. The monetary and cultural incentives are compelling. But I bristle at the practice of faking the superficial symptoms, of the handwaving directed at a biological abnormality most people barely understand, in order to access the drugs. What’s more distressing is that, due to performance expectations so high they verge on parody, many people will mistakenly believe they have ADHD, describing their falling short of these expectations as symptomatic of a disorder instead of environmental stress. Anyone would feel they can’t compete at the breakneck pace of many startups. And so the use of these drugs, with or without medical supervision, has become a tolerable practice. Despite the growing number of addictions developing from misuse, young people have embraced the notion that Adderall is safe to use on neurotypical brains. I've got news for you: it's not.

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