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Tile -Tastic




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Blue bear's been through everything.  He was thrown off a 14th story Balcony in Hawaii, ran over by three strollers at Disneyland, puked on, buried by the dogs, and survived dozens of washing machine horrors.   It's no doubt my kid and him have been through a lot.  What seems like almost two years ago I helped fund the Tile hardware for their kickstarter campaign.  It finally arrived, so my first project was blue bear.

So you recommend Tile?

Yes, they are supercool.


I wish the price would come down. Hard to justify the purchase except maybe as a toy novelty. 

I always supposed it would.   It started out at $25/tile, but now you can get them for $19.95.  I'm sure as more and more of these things come online, the prices will go down as it becomes commoditized.  My TV remote has a similar feature, except without the bluetooth.

Yeah, I wonder how long it will take these to go from 20 bucks to 2 bucks.

Or better yet, to 20 cents apiece.

I think they'd probably settle out at around $4.  Either way, I'm happy with my purchase.  I shared the other two with my neighbor to see if he had anything interesting to do with them.  The only issue I had is keeping the kids from pressing all of them while I was trying to program them.

Heh heh, are they fun to press?

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