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It’s time to accept this fact: A really great marriage is rare

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The painful truth is that really great marriages exist, but they are rare. What we as a society should probably be telling married people is, “If you have love, passion, companionship and equality in your marriage, you are wealthy beyond words. If you don’t, you have two choices. You can decide that your marriage is the best you’re going to get and try to be content. Alternatively, you can leave your marriage to play the lottery of finding that perfect partner, accepting that you are unlikely to win and may have to stay single for the rest of your life.”

This is not a cheerful message to deliver, and it certainly wouldn’t work in a Disney movie. Just as most Americans want to believe that they will get rich someday, most Americans want to think that they will have a marriage of far-above-average quality. People who don’t understand the odds of getting what they want are unlikely to make wise choices. On the other hand, people who believe that success is beyond their reach may also make bad choices. Understanding that great marriages exist but are not the most likely outcome could help people considering marriage or divorce to make better informed choices.

Also: Great careers are rare.

Come yo think of it, Great *anythings* are rare.

There is a lot of great art and a lot of great music, and some great collaborations and some great partnerships, but yeah, you're right, the latter two (GREAT relationships) are rare.

I think that's because great art and great music take a relatively short amount of time to create.

Whereas careers and marriages take decades of sustained effort. 

Music and Art are also careers/vocations which take sustained effort.

Ah but we usually just look at a single piece of music or art as great or not.

There are many more one-hit wonders than there are artists who can sustain a career. 

Well then.  I should fix my relationships so they are more like creating new masterpieces every day rather than sustaining one long project. 

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