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Why time appears to speed up with age ...

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This article discusses a concept called Effective Age.

Life is half over at age ten, and three quarters over at age thirty. Note the rapid increase at very young ages: in the initial stages of life, life itself makes big strides forward. For instance, consider the concepts of speech, eating and walking; skills that are learned at a young age and are carried on throughout a person's life.

Another interesting observation that we can make is the age at which one year really seems to last one year. For a life expectancy of 80 years, it is equal to 80/ ln(81) - 1 = 17.2 years. Quite close to Freeman's original assumption of 20 years.


1. "Summer vacations lasted almost forever when I was in grammar school" - True, they did. In fact, when you were six years old, an Apparent Year would be close to three years. That would make a three week summer vacation feel like almost nine weeks!

2. "Now that I am older, I can communicate better with my parents" - Right. As you can see, you're catching up with them! Closing the "generation gap", so to speak.

3. "Life starts after 65" - The credo of many people close to their pension age. Wrong: at 65, you only have about 5% of your Effective Age left. Choose your time wisely; start working late, and retire early.

4. "Old people are slow" - That is such an insensitive comment. Old people aren't slow at all, they simply have a different time perception.

5. "Those annoying birthdays seem to roll around faster every year" - True, they do. Better start celebrating your Effective Age.

I have always been a big fan of this idea. I also like the implications crazy future concepts can mix with it. What happens to Effective Age when your consciousness can exist until destruction? What happens to your Effective Age if you can live in virtual reality for years in the span of minutes?

Those are fascinating existential questions.

If every year goes by faster, by the time you hit 1000 years old, would a year feel like a day?

Wow. Mindblown. Every time I spend time with children, I sense this...a family I spent time with tonight...the boy got sent to his room for 15 minutes by his father; his mother cut it to 8 minutes. He was wailing and balling.

I couldn't help but smile. I felt awful he was crying, but the fact it seemed o significant to him... 15 minutes ... which seems trivial.

He's 7-years-old.

15 minutes IS a lot of time to a 7 year old.

And by that same token I don't need to feel bad about being boring to old people for an hour. Probably felt like seconds for them... :P

We were just talking about this. My mantra, "Not dead yet." Saying that increase my longevity. RE #4, try waiting in line behind an old lady in a restaraunt bathroom. They are, indeed, slow:)

If you want to time to last forever, don't fall into a routine.

I have noticed over the years that my friends who are my age from high school or college who have gotten married and adopted a relatively routine life always mention how fast time goes by. I won't see them for a year and then bump into them and they'll be surprised how much time has passed. For them, nothing has happened. They've just gone to work day after day without too many significant "life events."

(Not to say that's a bad thing. Just life.)

For me it seems like forever. Every week is such a challenge, I rarely wind up doing the same thing twice in a row. I often have to remind myself not to be offended if a long time passes before a friend will touch base, or even return a call.

They have a different perception of time.

How long a minute goes by feels different to the person using the restroom, vs the person who really really really really really really ruhEEEEEEELY needs to use the restroom.

Theory of relativity.

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