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a guide to the best sleeping poisition

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Do you get plenty of sleep at night but still feel tired in the morning?

It might be due to low quality sleep.

Tossing and turning in the bed, and interrupted sleep can make a full night’s rest seem like a power nap. This is especially true for individuals who are under a lot of anxiety. Most of the stress that one experiences when sleeping is on the back and neck. These areas are deeply affected by the pressure of pillows and odd positions.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to sleep on one’s stomach. Doing so can lead to acid reflux and back pain. Correcting years of bad sleeping practices does not happen overnight. Be patient and use all the tools you need such as apps and wearables to revert back to your body’s natural sleeping habits.

I can't tell which is the best position recommended for sleeping: back or side?

i guess it depends on what ails you.  if you have trouble breathing, like sleep apnea, you should stay on your side, but if your back or shoulders hurt, you should lie on your back.  i imagine it's good to switch it up if you're not ailing.

Yeah, I'm not ailing, but up for some reason I always thought sleeping on my back is best.

Will switch it up. I didn't realize we should use pillows so strategically placed!

neither did i.  i use one or no pillow and sleep on my back, usually!  boooooring!!!

Plus it's hard to make the pillow stay in position when I sleep. I move around in my sleep.

i imagine these 4 pillows they speak of often end up on the floor...

They do! I wish I could make my sleeping self not move around so much while sleeping.

your sleeping self has his own agenda!

I wonder if my microbiome has anything to do with this. 

mos def!  they're up partying all night!

That's cruel of nature to make them want to party when I want to sleep!

i like to picture them partying 24/7.  can't stop won't stop!

They do seem like party animals. 

mine love cake and ice cream...

Bad bacteria! They should want healthy foods. 

they should.  but then i would have to blame myself for the cake and ice cream!

No you wouldn't, because there wouldn't be anything making you crave the cake and ice cream!

Your brain certainly doesn't want those things.

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