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Game of Thrones Re-Watch Notes: s1e9 "Baelor" and s1e10 "Fire and Blood"

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At the end of Baelor: "No... He's not dead, right? Something's got to give."

Beginning of Fire and Blood: "Well... He's dead alright. At least it'll be fun watching Rob get his revenge."

So sad:

This reminds me of the fact that Ned's death was possibly the worst death imaginable. He died an utter failure. The king he had come to Kings Landing to protect is dead. The one thing he valued most, his honor, he just traded in for a chance at life/saving his family -- he dies a confessed traitor with an angry mob yelling and throwing rocks at him. The rightful heir whose claim he died for -- he just dealt a blow to that claim by proclaiming Joffrey the true heir. The kids whose lives he sacrificed his honor for -- he has no idea what will happen to them AND knows his 16 year old son will now be going to war. He really lost everything he lived for and when Joffrey yells "Sir Illyn, bring me his head" he realizes it's all for nothing AND his life ends anyway.

Robb should have declared for Stannis, not fall for that mob-mentality stunt that Greatjon Umber started.

Robb should have done a lot of things.

So many possibilities with the narrative:

Rewatching episodes make me think. What if Ned had been allowed to go to the nights watch? What if Drogo hadn't become a vegetable? So many cool things that could've happened...

We finally see the true Joffrey:

Ned's death is probably the first time you really see Joffrey for what he is. Prior to this he's been snide, entilted and insecure but it's all been very teenager-ish. This (and the treatment of Sansa which begins in the next episode) is what shows him as a monster.

You also realise how unpredictable and dangerous he can and will be.

Lord Tywin laying the smackdown on him after the Red Wedding is awesome. You actually end up supporting the guy who just orchestrated the Stark massacre. This fucking show..

"Whose steel sword is this?"

"It's a Valyrian steel sword, baby."

"Whose Valyrian steel sword is this?"

"It's Ned's."

"Who's Ned?"

"Ned's dead, baby, Ned's dead."

Joffrey rides off into the distance with Margaery on a chopper


Another perspective:

Ned had a pretty solid plan he just was terrible at the game. He dun goofed by telling Cersei of the knowledge he had of Joffrey. His worst mistake was trusting Littlefinger. Things would've played out more favorably had he departed King's Landing, then proclaim Stannis as true heir from the safety of the North. Or telling Robert the truth but that would mean the death of Cersei and her children. It's frustrating to know he had so many opportunities to win but refused them because they weren't honorable. King's Landing is no place for honor and it's a shame such a good character learned that the hard way.


His worst mistake wasn't trusting Littlefinger. It's likely that if Ned had agreed to the deal with Renly and Littlefinger to capture Joffrey and put Renly on the throne, Littlefinger would have agreed. He was already keen on moving onto the Tyrells. But Littlefinger can't abide poor decision-making, even if it's honorable, and so he chose to side with the winners.

Deleted scene with Tywin and Pycelle:

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