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Furious trolls are everywhere: Even Internet moms are angry — and they hate you

Violent, enraged Internet trolls lurk everywhere, and have remade what seemed like an open space. Can we stop them?

Furious trolls are everywhere: Even Internet moms are angry â and they hate you -

The list of examples seems endless, and there doesn’t seem to be a single space online that is free from overblown antagonistic invective. Once, when speaking to an almost impossibly sweet colleague, I voiced some concerns about my son’s eating habits. She told me to post on an online forum for moms. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The flowing curlicues and sweet-pea-pink background of the site’s design must have lulled me into some kind of trance, so the vitriol that came back was a shock. Internet moms are angry, too, real angry. And they just hate you.

Although the initial promise of the Internet was that it was a noncommercial, alternative space where anyone could have a public forum, there is clearly something about the structure of the Internet and what happens to people when they are using a computer that taps into something deep, dark, completely judgmental and furious. The worry is that the fury will reshape our online world. Will the Internet become a nasty, brutish place where only the bullies can find a voice? Is there a chance for civility and free speech online?

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It does seem like any active Internet community needs to build its own immune system and actively kick out the spammers, bullies, and trolls. 

The successful communities on Reddit do this. 

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