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24 maps that explain the NFL

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Wonder how those funky conferences got made? Same way as your DNA: the cells split and made new cells that also split.

Fascinating that the NFL didn't start till 1922.

American Football dates back at least a hundred years before that:

Football as we know it started in 1880:

The only original NFL team that has kept its name? Green Bay.

The American Professional Football Association officially became the National Football League on June 24, 1922. The league fielded 18 teams during that inaugural season, including three that are still in the league today. The Decatur Staleys (who became the Chicago Bears in 1921) and the Chicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cardinals) were founding teams. The Green Bay Packers, who joined the APFA in 1921 just before the name change, are the only current team in the history of NFL who have maintained their name and location for its duration.

AFL is the precursor to today's AFC.

The AFL was inarguably the strongest competitor ever to the NFL's hegemony on professional football. Eight teams debuted for the AFL in 1960, and for one glorious decade it churned out teams every bit as good as those in the NFL. Heated bidding wars took place for the best players coming out of college. Prior to the official merger in 1970, the AFL's New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowls III and IV, respectively, leading AFL fans to question why the league should join the NFL at all. Like today, however, money was the difference -- the NFL had richer television contracts and more access to major markets.

It sure does seem like east and north teams have easier travel schedules.

USA map of football divisions meme Imgur

Who knew the 49ers were so hated?

most hated NFL team in each US state map Imgur

Facebook fans by county:

Facebook fans football map America USA NFL bleacher report

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