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Vinod Khosla on Opportunities in Interest Graph. (February 2012)

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Vinod wrote in a guest TechCrunch post:

Interest-based networks (where Meebo is pivoting to, Twitter,, State): “User driven content that maps to people’s interests both for a better user experience and better targeting.”

I was impressed by a post by Naval Ravikant and Adam Rifkin on interest graphs and why they are different from social graphs.

I do think a number of startups will either target interest graphs to create a network different from Facebook’s and others will use these graphs as monetization strategies. Social is about friends, while interest is about your interests and the two may or may not intersect.

The next day, Jay Jamison from Blue Run Ventures wrote a relevant guest post that's worth reading: Beyond Facebook: The Rise of Interest-Based Social Networks, where he states that "users are rapidly adopting new interest-based social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Thumb, Foodspotting, and even the very new Fitocracy."

I would have included Tumblr, Quora, and Stack Exchange in that list, though I still believe that Twitter has a much bigger opportunity than all the other interest-based services right now because it covers the widest range of interests.

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