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Identity crisis: Will genetic alterations modify human society?

Will Genetic Alterations Modify Human Society?

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While super-humans are most likely out of the question for the time being, disease-free humans are still a strong possibility. Degenerative diseases are a strong target of genetic alteration, which come with a host of ethical issues.

As Everard mentioned, perhaps we don’t need changing. Well, at least that’s what every self-help guru would tell you.

But it’s not going to stop science from trying

Neuroscientist and Neuroethicist Dr. James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center believes that technology will play a huge part in altering our DNA and that this conversation is not just about changing our DNA to eliminate disease, but about altering the evolutionary process.

“A likely next step arising from current capabilities will be to alter aspects of humans’ DNA sequence – either directly through modifications using in vitro-derived or wholly synthetic components – to change an individual’s, group’s or perhaps even species’ genome… and thus create new characteristics of various organisms – if not new organisms altogether.

“These types of human-induced modifications to biology – and being – reflect trajectories of cyborgization, as an iterative process of biological-technological integration and fusion, which represents the human-in-transition.

“Indeed, we can view humans as affecting – if not controlling – their own direction and perhaps pace and extent of evolution.”

Sweet. Yeah science!

Our DNA looks like strands of Jawbreakers.

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