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Kite Surfing When All of a Sudden, a Whale!

kite surfing whales meme imgur

Photograph by Michael Swaine

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The whales won't hurt them, right?

There is the possibility with killer whales:

The duo would encounter many unexpected encounters along their proposed 96-kilometer journey. The water temperature was just one degree above freezing, but that was to prove the least of their worries.

“We knew there were killer whales in the sea, and we were constantly on the lookout for them. There were [other] whales as well and I actually had an interesting encounter with one. I was surfing along, and about seven meters in front of me a saw a whale. I thought about trying to jump over it, but there was not enough time. In the end, I surfed straight over him – I hope he didn't get hurt in the process,” Evgeny Novozheev said.

Well then I guess killer whales have earned the title killer. 

All others will be considered friends. 

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