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An Interview With The Potato Salad King Of Ohio, Zack Danger Brown

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TC: And you got sponsorships, right?

ZB: We got $2,500 from Hellman’s Mayonnaise (and free mayo) and $10,000 from the Idaho Potato Commission. It was very weird. So I was in New York and I met Jennifer 8. Lee, and she Tweeted at me after, and somehow that became a Mashable article, which I guess makes sense. That’s Mashable. And then USA Today picked up the Mashable article.

So it’s like, wait, there are — and then Time did. So it’s like these are stories that have been written entirely about one Twitter conversation, it’s ludicrous.

Idaho Potato Commission saw it and went like: “Here’s $10,000. Thank you for getting us on USA Today.”

TC: Potato salad is free?

ZB: Yeah, the potato salad is free.

You couldn't set out intending to do what he did. It was good timing.

Most Kickstarters fail.

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