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How do you see your data? The Data Mindset Playbook is an anthology of data anecdotes from the Mo-Data experts

Data Mindset Playbook | MoData

About The Data Mindset

10,000 hours. That's what it takes to be an expert at anything. Art, Sport, Music, and Data. You might not have clocked your 10,000 hours designing databases, business intelligence applications, reports or analytics. But this is a connected world, so you can find enough people who can collectively claim the 10,000 hours that will give you the expertise to see the underlying data in any situation. The data mindset playbook is an anthology of thought provoking stories and anecdotes from Mo-data's experts.It will give you the data lenses through which data mining analysis and data products can be clearly seen.

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Case Study

Tewari Analysis from the game of 'GO' describes a way of creating an alternative but logically equivalent scenario of an argument or disagreement.This way of arguing is valuable because it can help overcome status quo basis, something that is very useful when looking at a process from a data perspective. You're arguing about whether or not you should sell your car. Reverse the situation so you have already sold your car, and considering buying it back(for the same price). The concept of having a car and possibly losing it feels very different than the concept of paying money for a car, and owning one, when you don't have to.


Applying the Data Mindset : For problems where you need additional data to make a decision. Step back from your data problem and look at the underlying business. What is its purpose? How does it go about achieving its objectives? Now think what would happen if you had absolutely no data to work with.How could the objectives be achieved?

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Start with the problem, not the data. I like that.

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